2013 Dates

First of the 2013 dates to be sent out

Sat June the 1st  diving the Mekness in 57m  £55pp   ——   Sun June 2nd diving the Dallas City in 60m  £55pp

Fri Aug the 2nd diving the Swordfish in 38m  £50pp  ——  Sat 3rd Aug diving the Smyrna in 55m  £55pp   ——  Sun 4th Aug diving the Badger in 66m £55pp

Fri 30th Aug diving the Gurnsey Coast in 65m  £55pp  —–   Sat 31st Aug diving the UB18  in 88m (an intact sub in great condition)  £55pp  ——-  Sun 1st Sep diving what is possibly a U Boat in 95m   £55  (this dive may be changed to suit the divers on board if it is thought too deep)

Fri 27th Sep diving an unknown in 55 to 62m £55pp (depth tbc)  ——-  Sat 28th Sep diving Nurnburg in 65m £55pp ——-   Sun 29th Sep diving the Ioannis Fafalious in 63m  £55pp

There will be a max of 10 divers on the boat so more space for all.As usual if you book a dive you pay for the dive or sell your space on.

Please book up early as then we can add further dates and wrecks to the list for next year

Any requests welcome