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6th May 2013

Dive planned for Monday the 6th May Diving the Hazelwood or similar wreck in 40m   ( not the Simla) Leave time to be confirmed as slack at 0900 or 1500 £45 per head….Message   text   call   mail  to book on

Guernsey Coast

One space back up for the Guernsey Coast on the Fri 30th Aug £55 mail me to book on

2013 Dates

Dives filling fast Guersey Coast on the 30 Aug is now full with some reserves in standby. 1 Space left on the Nurnburg and Ioannis Faflios for the 28th and 29th Sep. Spaces and dives can be viewed by following the link on my web site. Go to special offers and under availability you can click the link to the Schedule page. Or go to and look for Sha-King.   Just send me a mail to book.

2013 Dates

Due to request the Dives on dates for Aug 2 , 3, 4th are to be changed. Fri Aug 2nd diving the Aeolian Sky in 30m  £45pp  —- Sat 3rd Aug diving the Betsy Anna in 24m  with a second drift dive  £45pp  –Sun 4th Aug diving the Bourgny in 33m with a second drift dive  £45pp New dates for the previous mentioned wrecks as follows Fri Aug the 16th diving the Swordfish in 38m  £50pp  ——  Sat 17th Aug […]

2013 Dates

Getting quite a good response on the 2013 dates so get booking

2013 Dates

First of the 2013 dates to be sent out Sat June the 1st  diving the Mekness in 57m  £55pp   ——   Sun June 2nd diving the Dallas City in 60m  £55pp Fri Aug the 2nd diving the Swordfish in 38m  £50pp  ——  Sat 3rd Aug diving the Smyrna in 55m  £55pp   ——  Sun 4th Aug diving the Badger in 66m £55pp Fri 30th Aug diving the Gurnsey Coast in 65m  £55pp  —–   Sat 31st Aug diving the […]

Sat 25 AUG

Have a few spaces left for a dive on the Smyrna in a max of 60m Dive is on Sat 25 Aug 0830 leave Poole £55 perhead

11th Aug

30m Dive  for the 11th Aug Leave poole Quay at 0930 for the wreck probably the Borgney followed by a drift £45 per head Text ,Mail,Fb or call me to book on 5 spaces left Only 2 Spaces left Now full

Sunday 8th

Still spaces on Sunday(tomorrow) Diving the Ajax 40m max Boat leaves at 1230    £35 per head

Sunday 8th July

July is here and looks like a break in the weather on Sunday. Typical as this is the first weekend that I do not have a booking . So are there any divers out there looking for a dive..Slack is at 1430 so a nice leave time from Poole quay for most wrecks..Open to ideas as to what to dive name a depth and we will see what we can do. Only need am min of 6 to go at […]